Pastor Luin Nurse

Evangelist Luin Nurse migrated to the United States of America from Barbados in 1964 to be with her parents.  Being raised under the tutelage of her dad, the late Bishop Allen S. Beckles, founder of the United Holiness Church of Faith in Christ, Inc., she accepted God as her personal Savior at the age of sixteen, and has not ceased to answer the call of duty on her life.

Desiring to be an available vessel to God, she became involved in the Sunday School Department where she taught all levels.  Evangelist Nurse was subsequently ordained as a Missionary by her dad, and led the missionary Department for a period of time.  Because of her dedication to the ministry and her determination to build the Kingdom of God, she was elevated to the office of Evangelist In 1984.

Recognizing the gift of teaching that God has given her, she carries the mandate to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world before Christ’s Second coming. Many who are privileged to sit under her teachings are blessed and encouraged to trust in God, for He is faithful and just to all who put their trust in Him.

God is truly working His purposes out in Evangelist Nurse’s ministry.  As the “The Prayer of Jabez” states, God continues to enlarge her territory and expand her borders”, for we know that nothing is impossible with God.  In her determination to build the Kingdom of God, she has spearheaded and continues to spearhead many ministries within the Church.  For instance, in Bible School, all members are instructed in how to effectively study the Word of God and receive guidance in preparing sermons. We can surely say that she has seen the results of her labor.

In leading the Women’s Ministry, all women, including young adults are given the opportunity to discuss any issue they are facing.  It is her desire to give all women, not only within the church but throughout the world, a channel through which they will have a voice, assemble together to delve into the Word of God and talk about every day struggles and challenges that life may bring.  One of her famous sayings is “Can we talk”.  We, the women at UHC can testify to the fact that this ministry is a blessing to us all, and anticipate what awaits us every month.

Evangelist Nurse also spearheads the monthly Ministers’ Conference, which was started in January 2013 to assist the UHC Ministers to keep in tune with our roles as ministers and leaders of God’s work, bring to the forefront of what our responsibilities to God are, and what God expects of us as being called out and set apart as chosen vessels, to name a few.

Fund Raising projects and directing the Choir are other ministries spearheaded by Evangelist Nurse.  Her most recent Radio Ministry “A Study in the Word”, is approaching its third year, and reaching people from all walks of life.

With her passion for the work of God and compassion for people, she endeavors to reach the lost at any cost.  As the words of a familiar song states, ” WHEN HER WORK ON EARTH IS DONE, SHE DOES NOT WANT TO LEAVE BEHIND AN UNFINISHED TASK”.

Pastor Luin Nurse is married to Deacon Nurse, one of her strongest supporters.  It is his desire to encourage and support the call of God on her life.  She is the mother of two wonderful young men, a grandmother of five and mother-in-law to Sharon Nurse.