bishop beckles

 Bishop Vendell Seymour Beckles

Bishop Vendell Seymour Beckles felt the call of God upon his life at the age of 12 in his native land of Barbados. When he encountered a Jehovah Witness who was on a witnessing journey and requested him to summon his grandmother; he responded with these words “only if you can tell me something about Jesus”. Often time he found himself singing from the Hymnal songs such as “Nobody knows the trouble I see”.

At the age of 16, upon coming to New York to be with his parents, he gave his heart to the Lord; and God filled him with the Holy Ghost.

In 1972, sensing the call of God upon his life, he went to Haiti trying to escape his calling. He spent six weeks in turmoil and restlessness for God appeared before him constantly. Unable to withstand God’s presence, he traveled back to his home where God dealt with him in a mighty way.

Thirty years ago, Bishop Beckles assumed the Pastoral position of the United Holiness Church of Faith in Christ, Inc., a church founded by his dad, the Late Bishop A. S. Beckles. Bishop Beckles’ commitment to continuous devotion and seeking the presence of God has enabled him to receive many revelations relating to his sheep. God has and continues to use him in a mighty way.

God has given him the power to lay hands on the sick, and they are healed. Many miracles are wrought through him, and by the laying on of hands, demons were cast out. Members of his congregation were healed from cancer, a young lady who did not hear out of one ear for two years, received her healing.

Bishop Beckles strives to live a life that is well-pleasing in the sight of God, and his passion is to also see the children of God living spiritual and healthy lives. He continues to seek the presence of God in the quiet hours of the night, desiring to hear what the Lord would say unto him.